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WNYC New York Public Radio Archive
Repository/Collector Type:
Broadcasting Station and Nonprofit Group
New York
New York
United States
34,290 CDs; 19,873 1/4 inch audio tape; 14,084 broadcast wav files; 8,252 DATs; 6,035 x-WAV audio files; 3,887 Beta PCM files; 2,973 audio compact cassettes; 2,969 minidiscs; 765 VHS tapes
Content types:
Sounds and Other
Cylinder, Reel-to-reel, Audiocassette, Digital tape (DAT, DCC), CD, MiniDisc, External drive, and Website
Supporting documentation:
Countless boxes of ephemera, mostly in storage. Everything from transcripts to weird promotional items (e.g. toys and postage stamps). Extensive content management system using MYSQL software cataloging 60,000 items.
Historical relevance:
WNYC is one of the pionering public radio stations, broadcasting since 1922. Strangely, the history of the station most missing is from the 1970s when the city's fiscal crisis crippled archiving endeavors. The archive has more material from the 1930s than the 1970s. Who would have thought? It's also important to note that this archive goes all the way up to the present day.
Condition note:
Known damage (repairs needed)
This is a unique institution with full-time staff and a climate controlled repository. It should be noted that significant portions of this collection was digitized through the American Archive project conducted through WGBH.