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Historical Music Recordings Collection

With over 300,000 recordings on tape, disc, cylinder, and piano roll, the Historical Music Recordings Collection is both the depository for University of Texas at Austin recordings and those of select orchestras, radio stations, national and international arts organizations. Named collections within the HMRC include: Irving Feld Radio Dramas; UT Radio House Transcription Discs; Mary Henrietta Chase Collection of Bing Crosby Lacquer Discs; KUT open-reel tape; Longhorn Radio Network open-reel tape; KMFA "20th century Romantics"; Austin Symphony Orchestra; Houston Symphony Orchestra; HMRC-CDs; 16-inch transcription discs (general collection).
The University of Texas at Austin, Fine Arts Library
Repository/Collector Type:
College or university
United States
300,000 items
Content types:
Performed music, Sounds (Other than music & language), and Spoken word
Pressed LP disc, Pressed 78rpm disc, Pressed 45rpm disc, Lacquer disc, Optical disc (including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD), Metal disc, LaserDisc, Cylinder, Analog audiocassette, Digital compact cassette, Digital Audio Tape (DAT), Polyester open reel tape, Acetate open reel tape, Motion picture film, VHS (including SVHS and VHS-C), Betamax, U-matic (including U-matic S), Text document, and Piano rolls
Carrier types:
Audio disc, Audiocassette, Audio cylinder, Audiotape reel, Film reel, Videocassette, Sheet, and Audio roll
Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Marching band, Spoken word, Movies, Musical theatre, Folk, and World
Access statement:
Please contact the Curator, David Hunter
Usage statement:
Usual copyright restriction apply to the making of copies for research purposes.
Inventory description:
Paper inventory or finding aid, Spreadsheet, Relational database, and Online catalog record
Condition note:
Playable with proper equipment and Known damage (repairs needed)
Website URL:
View on www.lib.utexas.edu