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KBOO Community Radio Analog Archive

KBOO’s analog audio archive includes almost 7,500 items of radio programming in 5, 7, 10″ open reel, CDs, cassettes, DATs, and minidiscs format. KBOO Community Radio went on the air in June of 1968, and radio program recordings date from the late 1940s. This is a collection created from institutional records. This collection is unprocessed. Our archives include Oregon artists Ken Kesey, Ursula LeGuin, Gus Van Sant, political figures such as Kent Ford, and Winona LaDuke, as well as hundreds of poets, hundreds of artists, and hundreds of activists, both recorded lectures, panels, conferences, and street actions. We also have significant live music recordings from Doc Watson to Elliot Smith.
KBOO Community Radio Analog Archive
Repository/Collector Type:
Broadcasting station
United States
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Numbers are estimates, as some labeled items are bundled and dates were not recorded for all items. 7600 individual items: 1,361 10" open reel (1947-2001), 1,865 7" open reel (1948-1969), 99 5" open reel, 1,500 cassettes (1948-2008), 112 digital audio tapes (1969-2004), 217 minidiscs (1969-2004), 2,433 optical discs (1967-2013).
Content types:
Text, Spoken word, Performed music, and Sounds
Optical disc (including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD), MiniDisc, Analog audiocassette, Digital Audio Tape, Open reel tape (unknown material), Digital audio file (including MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc.), and Text document
Carrier types:
Computer disc, Audio disc, Audiocassette, Audiotape reel, and Sheet
Indexing terms:
KBOO News, Public affairs radio programming, KRAB nebula, Pacifica Radio, Alternative Radio, Agee, Philip, Andresen, Glen (local authority), Barsamian, David, Benjamin, Medea, 1952-, Bennis, Phyllis, 1951-, Bush, George W. (George Walker), 1946-, Caldicott, Helen, Chomsky, Noam, Churchill, Ward, Cockburn, Alexander, Davis, Angela Y. (Angela Yvonne), 1944-, Ehrenreich, Barbara, Estés, Clarissa Pinkola, Gregory, Dick (Gregory, Richard Claxton), Ginsberg, Allen, 1926-1997, Hedges, Chris, Hightower, Jim, 1943-, Ivins, Molly, Kesey, Ken, Korten, David C., LaDuke, Winona, Lyman, Howard F., Marable, Manning, 1950-2011, Nader, Ralph, Palast, Gregory, Parenti, Michael, 1933-, Roy, Arundhati, 1946-, Ruppert, Michael C., Schlosser, Eric, Shiva, Vandana, Solomon, Norman, 1951-, Stockwell, John, 1937-, Trudell, John, West, Cornel, Willson, S. Brian, 1941-, X, Malcolm, 1925-1965, and Zinn, Howard, 1922-2010
Special events radio coverage, Radio field reports, Community affairs radio programs, Educational radio programs, Literary readings, Radio programs, Radio debates, Religious radio programs, Vox pop radio programs, Ethnic radio programs, Radio press conferences, Radio talk shows, and Radio comedies
Access statement:
KBOO is in the process of cataloging all analog audio records to provide search and discovery of its holdings to the general public. Additionally, KBOO-created news and public affairs program recordings will be assigned public domain access, whenever possible. Public domain recordings will eventually be shared online. Items with additional rights restrictions may eventually be shared via secure, no-download access. The creation of digital access copies is determined by the time and funds to create preservation and access digital copies of the material. KBOO is open to crowdfunding models of digitization to provide access to wanted materials.
Usage statement:
Use cases for non-public domain recordings will be reviewed on a case by case basis and include consideration for any special procedures related to regulations or limits to reproduction, publication, or quotation of the materials.
Inventory description:
Supporting documentation:
External to this collection, KBOO has a collection of internal staff newsletters which is not processed. The current website also holds descriptive information about some programs dating back to 2001.
Historical relevance:
KBOO’s tapes are a vital part of Portland’s and Oregon’s cultural and political history. KBOO has been at the heart of the action of much of Portland’s cultural and political life for almost 5 decades. The KBOO tape archives include exclusive interviews with Oregonians Bob Packwood, Ken Kesey (five separate programs), William Stafford, Gus Van Sant, Ursula Le Guin (six programs over as many years) and Portlander Ben Linder who was murdered by Contras while volunteering in Nicaragua. There are also interviews with national figures like Allen Ginsberg, Native American poet and filmmaker Sherman Alexie, Edward Abbey, Cesar Chavez, Annie Liebovitz, George McGovern, Ramsey Clark, Amory Lovins and hundreds of others. In addition there are live recorded programs documenting marches, demonstrations, community meetings and other events that give ‘you are there’ discussions with participants and reportage from behind the scenes. Special programs on KBOO history are also represented.
Condition note:
Playable with proper equipment, Known damage (repairs needed), and Unknown
This collection is unprocessed open for research on a case by case basis. LCNAF for names that occur 10x or more in collection. KBOO’s analog audio collection holdings represent radio show recordings that were used for on-air broadcast, recordings from on-air broadcasts, and special edited programs created as membership gifts. The majority of the recordings were shows produced by KBOO’s staff and volunteer community of programmers. Other recordings include holdings distributed through the National Federation of Community Broadcasters and produced by other entities such as Pacifica Radio, Alternative Radio, and WRFG. Many items have additional rights holders.
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