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K-R-A-B were once the call letters of a non-commercial, educational FM radio station (107.7mhz) in Seattle, Washington. Going on the air in 1962, it was the fourth listener-supported station in the country. The KRAB Archive is the only authoritative online source of information documenting the history, philosophy and accomplishments of the station. The online collection contains digitized audio, text publications such as program guides, flyers and posters, photographs, correspondence, FCC filings, and short articles about the station. The collection also contains some ephemera and audio of other KRAB Nebula stations, as well as a listing of online archival resources of other "community" radio stations.
Reinsch, Charles, Sercombe, Laurel, Flannigan, Dennis, Berge, Karen, West, Bob, Palmer, Cathy, Whitcomb, Gregg, Keith, Nancy, Andrus, Phil, Dorpat, Paul, Estill, Will, Jack Straw Foundation Inc, Pacifica Radio Archives, University of Maryland Archives and Special Collections, University of Washington Archives and Special Collections, Spellman, Professor John W, Gallant, Professor Jonathan, and Milam, Lorenzo W
Charles Reinsch
Repository/Collector Type:
United States
Online: >600 hours of digitized audio; >1,000 program units; >320 digitized program guide pamphlets or tabloids; comprising >30gb of online disk storage. Physical: >1,200 7" reels of audiotape; >500 cassette tapes; >300 8x5" 12 page program guides; >400 8x11" multifold tabloid program guides; Misc news clippings, posters, flyers, brochures, and Board of Director minutes.
Content types:
Performed music, Sounds (Other than music & language), Spoken word, Still image, and Text
Pressed LP disc, Optical disc (including CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, VCD), Analog audiocassette, Polyester open reel tape, Acetate open reel tape, Open reel tape (unknown material), Digital audio file (including MP3, WAV, AIFF, etc.), Photographic print, and Text document
English and Cantonese
Spoken word: Interview, Panel discussion, Commentary, Poetry reading, Prose reading, Drama performance, Comedy performance, Documentary music performance, most with commentary, Ethnic, Blues, American traditional, Bluegrass, Folk, Contemporary, and Experimental
Access statement:
Source documents and tape recordings will eventually be placed with a custodian with the facility to preserve and manage access to them. At this time they are not available to the public.
Usage statement:
Online reading or listening is unimpeded. Citation is required in all cases, but other restrictions vary from donor to donor.
Inventory description:
Spreadsheet and Relational database
Historical relevance:
This is a collection of material produced by a non-institutional independent "alternative" "community" radio station of the 1960's through 1984. It chronicles the development of the concept of "community" radio, while also reflecting a view of radio serving people that were intellectually curious, artistically adventuresome, and open and willing to be challenged by political views contrary to their own.
Condition note:
Playable with proper equipment, Known damage (repairs needed), and Unknown
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