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2. Fred Waring papers, 1922-1984

3. Frank Page Collection, 1930s-2007

4. WLBZ (radio station) Bangor, Maine Station Records 1931-1973

5. Frederick C. Packard Jr. sound recordings, 1933-1963 and undated

6. Johnny Green sound recordings and motion pictures, 1934-1989

7. Milo Ryan KIRO-CBS Radio News Phonoarchive, 1935-1978

8. KWKH Louisiana Hayride Broadcasts, c. 1958-1959 (CDs)

9. Walnut Valley Festival 1981-1982

10. KUTX Studio 1A Recordings

11. WILL Radio: Focus 580

12. Luvenia A. George Collection

13. Aaron Mintz Radio and Television Archive

14. IMRU Radio sound recordings and administrative records

15. African American Gospel Music

16. Wade in the Water: African American Sacred Music Traditions

17. The Afro-American in Indiana radio series

18. United States Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRS) Collection

19. Soviet All-Union Radio Committee Collection

20. Doug Russell Collection of Ambassador Recitals

21. Ambassador Auditorium Collection

22. Mexican American Program Collection of the Longhorn Radio Network

23. Latin American Radio Programs of the Longhorn Radio Network

24. KBOO Community Radio Analog Archive

25. Frank E. and Anna Haynes Owens Papers

26. Soundchecks, newsletters, and other materials

27. Richard and Mildred Crooks Collection

28. Mario and Ruth Chamlee Collection

29. Julian Price Papers and Recordings

30. Music libraries and station archives

31. Leo and Mary Sarkisian Collection

32. Richard Hadlock Annals of Jazz Collection

33. KEXP Archive

34. KTRU Rice Radio Archive

35. WTJU Radio Archive

36. KDNK Archive

37. Studs Terkel Radio Archive

38. KRAB Archive

39. KUOW audio archives

40. Recorded Sound Archives; Judaic Collection; Jazz Collection; Vintage Collection; Jack Saul Collection; Dr. Henry Ivey Collection

41. Missouri Broadcasters Association Radio Archives Collection

42. Valley Public Radio archives

43. WLUR-FM Broadcast Archives

44. Art Vincent Jazz Collection

45. Arthur B. Church KMBC Radio Collection

46. ARTxFM

47. Lee Bailey Collection

48. WFDU-FM MATERIAL - "From the collection of Barry "Duff" Sheffield of Mahwah, New Jersey."

49. WOR MATERIAL - "From the collection of Barry "Duff" Sheffield of Mahwah, New Jersey."

50. What Must Be Done radio series

51. Black Radio : Telling It Like It Was

52. Joy Boys (WRC Radio Washington DC)

53. Rev. Park Huntington Radio Broadcast Recordings

54. Stanford Music Broadcast Tapes Collection

55. WFCR Radio Broadcast Collection

56. Bruce Tater Collection

57. Charlotte Shedd Papers

58. Jazz City

59. Historical Music Recordings Collection

60. Willis Conover Collection

61. Michael P. Romano, Sr. Collection

62. J. David Goldin Collection

63. KSFO Collection

64. KSFO Collection

65. Old Fashioned Revival Hour Collection

66. David Reffkin Ragtime Machine Collection

67. Ed Wilkinson Collection

68. Riverwalk Jazz Collection

69. Stanford Tape Collection

70. Jocko Henderson Collection

71. Jack Gibson Collection

72. Portia K. Maultsby Collection

73. Michael McAlpin Collection

74. Michael Lydon Collection

75. KTAO-FM Radio Collection

76. Luke Phillips Collection

77. Dave Sichak Collection

78. Wayne W. Daniel Collection

79. WHAS Radio Historical Collection

80. The Jeff Keil Collection

81. Non-Commercial Disc Collections

82. Mort Crim Papers

83. Ted Davenport

84. WFDU-FM - Fairleigh Dickinson University

85. Glass Radio Transcription Discs

86. Don Kennedy Papers

87. Don Naylor papers

88. Dreamstreets

89. Georgia Radio Hall of Fame

90. Frances L. Wallace Papers

91. Mykola Francuzenko papers

92. Gordon Tracie Music Library

93. Rocket Shop Radio Hour

94. Ishmael Reed Papers

95. KOTO Reel-To-Reel Vault

96. Latino USA Records

97. The Records of WGLT

98. Randolph S. Rothschild papers

99. WRAS Radio Records

100. WSB Radio Records