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4. Liberation News Service Records, 1968-1981

5. Memory Lane Tapes – 1975-1977

6. Florida Lifestyle Radio, 1997-1999

8. Bob Steele: a Connecticut legend

9. Geraldine A. Ferraro Papers

10. New York Academy of Medicine Library

11. Adlai E. Stevenson Papers

13. Alan Carter and the Vermont State Orchestra Papers

14. WKXL AM & FM

15. The Future of the Museum of the American Indian

16. American Civil Liberties Union Records

17. Excerpts from an Ira Gershwin tribute on the Jonathan Schwartz radio program

19. Richard Schechner Papers and The Drama Review Collection

21. WPRB Sound Archives

22. Archives of LIU Post’s WCWP Radio Station

23. YIVO Sound Archives

24. Spinelli Archives

25. South Georgia Folklife Radio Archives

26. Peabody Awards Collection

27. Lyman B. Kirkpatrick Papers

29. Marty Biniasz Collection

30. Interview with Christian Holder

31. Steve Cichon Collection

34. Southern Folklife Collection

35. Radio Collection

36. WSOU Collection

37. Dartmouth College, WDCR

38. Interview with Cynthia Harvey

39. Elizabeth McLeod

40. George S. McGovern Papers

41. The Old Time Gospel Hour

42. Tribute to Yip Harburg on the Jonathan Schwartz radio program

43. Hartford Radio History

45. WERD Oral History Interviews

47. WHRW materials

48. WXPN Records

49. Various

50. WNYC