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1. 3M Historical Corporate Records

2. 4-H History

3. William A. O'Brien Papers

4. Erik A. Dundurs Papers

5. "Life as a Third Banana"

6. "Let's Talk About Brucellosis"

9. Mac Martin Advertising Agency, Client Scrapbooks

10. American School of the Air

11. Alexander W. Yaremko Papers

12. Alice Gortner Johnson Papers

13. Allen J. Furlow Congressional Papers

15. American Council for Nationalities Service Records

16. Polish American Congress Records

17. Walter and Valeria Nurczynski Papers

18. Eleanor Freemantle Scrapbooks and Related Papers

19. Esther Jerabek and Family Papers

20. Kingsley H. Murphy and Family Papers

22. Anthony Nurczynski Papers

23. Antonio Consiglio Papers

24. General Mills Archives

27. Political Personalities (Assorted)

29. Wasyl Balich Papers

30. Dr. Chesley on the Bee Baxter Show

31. Father Bertrand Kotnik Papers

32. War Production Board Scrapbook

33. Brenda Ueland Papers

35. Robert C. Sermon Papers

36. Caddie Woodlawn Production Material

37. Pasquale Cajano Papers

38. Charles Fremont Dight Papers

39. Charles Lindbergh Speech

40. Chester-Kent Corporate Records

41. Oscar Christgau Papers

42. The CIO Marches On

44. Rainbow Club Records

45. Yugoslav (Slovenian?) Radio Hour Collection

46. Universal Sherlock Holmes Collection

47. Ice Follies Collection

48. Thomas D. Rishworth Papers

49. Rachel Davis DuBois Papers

50. Don Leary's Open House