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1. William A. Bacher Papers

2. Collection of Material about Prejudices

3. Norman Corwin Collection: Material By and About

4. Peggy Hamilton Adams Papers

5. Alan Reed Papers

6. Richard Alan Wilson Papers

7. Federal Theatre Project Scripts and Publications

8. Robert Hardy Andrews Papers

9. Leroy E. Hurte Central Avenue Sounds Oral History Transcript

10. Baruch Lumet Papers

11. Robert Bellem Papers

12. Ben Blue Papers

13. Ben Starr Scripts

14. Jack Benny Papers

15. Ray Bradbury Papers

16. Dorothy Healey Broadcast

17. Eddie Cantor Papers

18. Charles Laughton Papers

19. Clifford E. Clinton Papers

20. Collection of Miscellaneous Phonograph Records

21. Tryout Theatre Collection of Radio Plays

22. Sleepy Lagoon Defense Committee Records

23. Norman Cousins Papers

24. David Freedman Papers

25. Dorothy Warenskjold Oral History Transcript

26. Ed Wynn Papers

27. Joseph Edward Shaw Papers

28. Ken Englund Papers

29. Ernie Kovacs Papers

30. Hale Sparks: "The University Explorer" Oral History Transcript

31. Mort Fine Papers

32. Kurt Louis Flatau Papers

33. Sidney Forrester Mashbir Papers

34. Kenneth Gamet Papers

35. George Larkin Papers

36. George Spaulding Papers

37. Gerald Heard Papers

38. Milt Gross Papers

39. Larry McCormick Oral History Transcript

40. Mimi Perloff Oral History Transcript

41. John Houseman Papers

42. Todd Hunter Papers

43. Jackson Stanley Papers

44. James Poe Papers

45. Jim Tully Papers

46. Philip Pearce Kerby Papers

47. Stanley Kurnik Papers

48. Rob Wagner Papers

49. Rod Serling Papers

50. Sam Ross Papers

51. Violet Schram Papers

52. Yoneo Sakai Papers