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1. Bristow Adams Papers

3. WBBF, Rochester, NY, Civil Rights and Race Relations Events

4. Hugh Anderson Moran Papers

5. Festival of Contemporary Arts Records

7. Cornell University Debate Association Records

8. Steven Muller Interview by Astrid M. Eckert

9. Romeyn Berry Papers

10. Mack Buckley Swearingen Papers

11. Carl E. Ladd Director of Extension Papers

12. Carolynne Cline Papers

13. Widmer Wine Cellars Records

14. Clesson Nathan Turner Papers

16. Cornell University Cooperative Extension Records

17. Cornell University Department of Natural Resources Records

18. Ethel Letitia Cornell Papers

19. David Lee Hanselman Recording

20. Edward Roe Eastman Papers

21. Edward Sewall Guthrie Papers

22. Frank Ernest Gannett Papers

23. Myron G. Fincher Papers

24. Frank K. Singiser Papers

25. National Grange of the Patrons of Husbandry Records

26. Harry H. Love Papers

27. Helen Powell Smith Papers

28. Hendrik Willem Van Loon Papers

29. Ralph Sheldon Hosmer Papers

30. John M. Young Papers

31. Justin S. Morrill Papers

32. Margaret Morse Nice Papers

33. WEAI Miscellany

34. Student Raid of WVBR Records

35. WHCU Records

36. WVBR Records