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1. Jacob A. Riis

2. Selman A. Waksman Papers

3. Goodman Ace Papers

4. Maude Adams Papers

6. Martin Agronsky Papers

7. Albert Payson Terhune

9. Fred Allen Papers

10. Frederick Lewis Allen Papers

12. Daughters of the American Revolution Dramatic Scripts

13. Amos 'n' Andy Scripts

14. Hume Cronyn and JessicaTandy Papers

15. Angelo Patri Papers

16. Archibald MacLeish Papers

17. Moral Re-armament Records

18. Arthur Sweetser Papers

19. National Committee on Atomic Information Records

20. Bryson B. Rash Papers

21. John L. Balderston Papers

22. Edward L. Bernays Papers

23. Mary Marvin Breckinridge Patterson Papers

24. Columbia Broadcasting System Radio Scripts

25. Lyman Bryson Papers

26. Johnny Carson Papers

27. Raymond Clapper Papers

28. Clifton Fadiman Papers

29. Copyright Deposit Dramas Collection

30. General Foods Corporation Radio Script Collection

32. Perriton Maxwell Collection

33. Norman Lewis Corwin Papers

34. Dan Golenpaul Papers

35. Elmer Holmes Davis Papers

36. George Vernon Denny Papers

37. Lawrence E. Spivak Papers

38. Edgar Kobak Papers

39. George Fielding Eliot Papers

40. Emily Post Scripts

41. Eric Sevareid Papers

42. Frank Farrell Papers

43. Francis W. Reichelderfer Papers

44. Frederic William Wile Papers

45. Theodore (Ted) Granik Papers

46. Margaret Halliwell Hale Papers

47. Ruth Hetzel Harshaw Papers

48. Hedrick Smith Papers

49. Irving R. Levine Papers

50. Marquis James Papers

51. Jan Papanek Papers

52. John Kieran Papers

53. MacKinlay Kantor

54. Owen Lattimore Papers

55. National Urban League Records

56. Mary Margaret McBride Papers

57. Raymond Swing Papers

58. Theodore Stark Wilkinson Papers

59. Vincent Price Papers

60. Paul Rhymer Radio Scripts