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1. Auster, Paul, 1947-. National Story Project Records

2. United States Information Agency Broadcast Service records

3. Algernon David Black Papers

4. Broadcast Music, Inc. "The American Story" papers

5. Bob Fass Recordings and Papers

6. Samuel and Bella Spewack Papers

7. Andrew Sarris Papers

8. Bureau of Applied Social Research Records

9. Edwin H. Armstrong papers

10. Erik Barnouw Papers

11. Grauer, Ben. Ben Grauer papers

12. Bennett Cerf Papers

13. Ted Berkman Papers

14. John C. Hall Papers

16. Harry James Carman Papers

17. Giles Cooper Papers

18. Cornell Woolrich Papers

19. Society for the Prevention of Crime Records

20. Mark Van Doren Papers

21. Elliott M. Sanger papers

22. George Ephraim Sokolsky Papers

23. James Lawrence Fly Papers

24. Rose Franken Papers

25. Rose Nadler Franzblau Papers

26. Fred Friendly Papers

27. William Friedberg Papers

28. Gilbert Highet Papers

29. Herbert Lionel Matthews Papers

30. Jerome Moross Papers

31. Leah Salisbury Papers

32. Letters on the Marconi Memorial Medal

33. Virgil Thomson papers

34. Ralph W. Sockman papers

35. Samson Raphaelson Papers

36. Theodore Roscoe Papers