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1. AFRTS (AFRS) Radio Series

2. NBC/Radio and Television Program Schedules

3. WOR Collection/Radio and Television Records

4. Andre Kostelanetz Collection

5. Arch Oboler Collection

7. U.S. Marine Band Concerts

8. Bob Frank Collection

9. Brander Matthews Dramatic Museum Collection

10. Columbia Broadcasting System Collection

11. National Broadcasting Company (NBC) Radio Collection

12. Carlton E. Morse Copyright Script Collection

13. Cynthia Lowry/Mary Margaret McBride Collection

14. Irving R. Levine Collection

15. Jim Walsh Collection

16. John Peter Collection

17. Meet the Press Collection

18. Manfred Frank DeMartino Collection of Radio Scripts

19. Raymond Gram Swing Collection

20. UCLA Collection

21. NBC/Company History Files

22. RCA Victor Thesaurus Transcription Discs

23. Freedom Sings

24. George Gershwin

25. Office of War Information (OWI)

26. NBC/Sound Recordings