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1. Alan Farley Collection

2. Soviet All-Union Radio Committee Collection

3. Doug Russell Collection of Ambassador Recitals

4. Ambassador Auditorium Collection

5. Polish Arts and Culture Foundation Collection

6. Richard and Mildred Crooks Collection

7. Mario and Ruth Chamlee Collection

8. Richard Hadlock Annals of Jazz Collection

9. Art Vincent Jazz Collection

10. Stanford Music Broadcast Tapes Collection

11. KSFO Collection

12. KSFO Collection

13. Old Fashioned Revival Hour Collection

14. Roy Pryor Collection

15. David Reffkin Ragtime Machine Collection

16. Ed Wilkinson Collection

17. KZSU Collection

18. Riverwalk Jazz Collection

19. John Sunier Collection

20. Stanford Tape Collection

21. Stanford Speech Collection

22. Non-Commercial Disc Collections